The adidas Predator is the most iconic boot in the last twenty years. Developed by former Liverpool FC player Craig Johnston, the Predator boot has been at the forefront of boot technology for the duration of its existence.

In 2014, the Predator reached its 20th Anniversary. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Predator’s release, adidas released several pieces of merchandise to commemorate the occasion. Among them, adidas released the Predator OG, an adidas Originals version of the original boot that took the world by storm way back in 1994.

First Impressions
Anyone who has ever owned a pair of Predator boots in the early days will understand the buzz and aura of these boots. When I got my delivery and took it out of the postage packaging, there it was in all its glory.

The shoe box was immaculate. It had the original Predator sticker on it: “Caution: Predator.” Immediately the nostalgia sets in and I’m more excited than I should be in opening this box.

Once I opened the box, the nostalgia and excitement really kicked in. True to the original Predator specifications, the Predator OG is built to the 1994 standard. Being able to have these shoes in my hand was a fantastic feeling. I immediately remembered my first pair of Predator boots, the Rapier, and the things I was able to do with them on the pitch.

The Predator OG is made of kangaroo leather and the rubber fins also feature prominently, just like the 1994 boot. The shoe is built on the chassis of the adidas’ famed Mundial Goal and weighs the same 12oz as the Mundial Goal does.

Look and Feel
The Predator boot has always been kind to me. It was the only boot I ever wore in which I never got any blisters or had any trouble wearing them in. The Predator OG is exactly the same.

Twenty years on and kangaroo leather is still the ultimate material for a boot and for this shoe. The look of this shoe is outstanding and the feel is equal to the look, if not better. For a shoe based on a twenty year boot, it is a phenomenal work of art.

The inside of the boot also has leather aspects. The inside of the heel is leather and is actually quite comfortable. It helps grips your foot inside the shoe. The insole is made in the exact fashion and material you would find in the original boot. The heel of the insole contains the ‘Predator’ text, an excellent touch which elicits even more nostalgia.

Adidas have also kept the original Predator tongue, emblazoned with the original Predator logo. The Predator logo itself is iconic and I wonder why it ever disappeared from the recent boots and associated merchandise.

Having experienced this nostalgia, I can’t help but feel disappointed with how the Predator line has regressed in the past few years. Since the Powerswerve, the Predator has moved away from what it known for, although the Instinct is a welcome return to the roots of what made Predator such as iconic boot.

Wearing Them
Putting the Predator OG shoes on really completes the feeling of travelling back in time. The shoes are quite comfortable and the first thing I want to do is kick a ball as hard as I can to see the power and the swerve I can create.

The leather components of the Predator OG make wearing this shoe such a joy. There is a heaviness to the shoe that you no longer experience these days but despite this, they still feel light on your feet. Having the kangaroo leather and rubber of the Predator in a casual shoe version is great and something that I think adidas could have exploited more.

I have only worn these shoes a handful of times. In fact, I still keep them in the shoe box. But on the occasions I have worn them, I have given them quite a workout. Not once did the shoes get uncomfortable at any point and nor did they feel heavy. The Predator OG is a solid shoe, very comfortable easy to walk around in.

I haven’t been game enough to wear them in a futsal game because the Predator fan in me doesn’t want to spoil the texture and look of the shoe.

The Predator OG is an excellent shoe. It really lives up to and stays true to the original Predator boot. As in 1994, those lucky enough to have this shoe will definitely stand out from the crowd. It is a very comfortable and fantastic shoe. For Predator fans and shoe collectors alike, the Predator OG shoe is a must have.

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